Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I would do for the WWE's PPV problem

Yes, yes I know this is supposed to be a food blog, but its my blog and I'll write what I want. I've heard that there was a discussion with Mr. McMahon and the creative team of the WWE were having a discussion about the PPVs. Being a lowly member of the WWE Universe I came up with an idea that to me makes sense instead of 12 PPVs why not drop the number down to 8 or 9 with 6 of them being every other month and keep the Big 4 with the Royal Rumble in January, Wrestlemania in March (and keep it as a feud ending PPV), Summer Slam in July, and Survivor Series in November. Now with the months of May and September have PPVs that also relate to story line as well.
Now here is the fun part, instead of having Bragging rights in October so close to Survivor Series move it to April and have it not only be Smackdown vs. Raw, but make it the draft show as well and make it 2-3 hours long. Then in another month like October or December bring in Halloween Havoc or Extreme Rules (Respectively) and have them either a fun type of ppv or storyline. Is it perfect, no by far it isn't but its a start, and not everyone will be burnt out on PPVs.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Logan’s Roadhouse

Yes it has been a while I know, a lot of things have been going on with me, so I have not had the time to write and for that I apologize. Recently I had Logan’s Roadhouse which was by far good, but portion wise was insane. Like normal steak houses there are peanuts and what have you, but they also have some of the best rolls I have ever had.
            This time here I had the BBQ Bacon Burger & Fries, Mozerella Sticks, and a slice of Cheese Cake. Let me tell you this, it was a work out. The size of the burger was monstourus I was given a ton of french fries, 12 motz sticks, and by far the biggest slice of cheese cake I’ve ever had. I ate half the meal there, and it took me two days to finish it all, and 3 days to finish the cake. Why three days? Well it was about the size of my fist.   Out side of that it, the whole burger tasted great, the motz sticks were amazing, but half of the fries were soggy, cold, and just bad, but I did get some hot ones and they were fantastic.
            I know its short but I have to keep it that way due too time constraints. Anyway overall I’d give it a 4 out of 5, great taste, large portions, etc.. etc… but the fries man, the fries.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A new review is on the way

A new review is coming, its just been a busy few weeks for me. Starting a new Job and a few other things.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Greek Isle Deli- A taste of the Mediterranean

            It was pointed out that so far, I've only reviewed Fast food joints, and cheap Pizzerias. To combat this, I decided to finally go to a Greek deli off of Airway Road, at the Manor Plaza in Dayton, Ohio. I had been putting off eating here because like most Americans if it isn’t heavily processed or deep fried I won't try it. However, it was lunch time and I felt I needed to grab a bite to eat, and it was close by so I figured why not.

            The place itself is rather spacious with plenty of seating and has Greek architecture scattered around, but it is also busy. My wait was only about 2 minutes long and the lady at the register was very helpful and patient with me in decided what to order. After I placed my order and got my drink it was about an 8 minute wait for my food so it must have been prepared fresh. I grabbed my dish and sat down to eat.

            I ordered a dish I knew I wasn't going to be familiar with and for that I am grateful as it led me to the dish known as Pastichio or Greek Lasagna. The dish contains ground beef, noodles, cheese, tomatoes, and as a treat, egg and cinnamon. This tasty dish also came with a side of pita bread which was delicious and salad, but that is aside from the point. I was hooked from the first bite, as Ken Griffey Jr. said “It's a party in my mouth and everyone is invited.”  The bulk of the meal is the beef and noodles that tasted great and were set off by the cinnamon giving it a nice kick. My only complaint about the dish is that the noodles were a tad overcooked and at parts made it hard to eat.

            I can see why this place is busy for lunch all the time, good food, good portions, good people, good prices, it makes you want to come back to try something else. If I have to give a rating, I’ll give it 4 out of 5 stars, but why 4 and not 5? I hate overcooked noodles.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hardee’s- more than just a piece of meat?

                Stepping in to this deceptively spacious restaurant off of Col. Glen Highway in Dayton, you might have to fight off the feelings of nostalgia. Why? Well to put it simply there aren’t that many Hardee’s around in the Mid-West, especially in the Miami Valley area. The atmosphere of the restaurant was warm, with a friendly crew and a nice radio overplay on the speaker system. Greeted by a young energetic crew, placing my order of the ¼ lb Texas Toast Bacon Burger went smoothly and quickly. The food was also made just as fast by a gentleman who knew what he was doing.

                Aesthetically, the burger looks and tastes good. You tell that it was nicely broiled with the right temperature and time. The Burger its self tastes just right, with a nice mixed blend of spices and zest you can, like Hank Hill always says, “Taste the meat, not the heat.” The barbecue sauce on the burger is a nice blend that tastes more than like brown sugar mixed in with ketchup. The toppings on the burger actually work with the burger that leads to an interesting taste.  However, the bacon and cheese can hardly be tasted and the bun itself clashes against the burger with an overpowering taste that brings the burger down.

                The fries have a nice taste on the outside of them that invite you in, but sadly the inside is disappointing with a little too much potato that leads to a weird aftertaste. The good news is, is that they have good portion control and they are very filling.

                Overall, the burger tastes good but it has clashing tastes, add a nice portion of decent fries, a cold drink. For $6.00 you get a nice full meal that pleases. To give a rating 3 out of 5 stars, better than most fast food restaurants but lacking in that special something to put it over the top. So if you are on Col. Glen Highway in Dayton, stop on in and grab a good lunch or dinner. For a full menu of “Hardee’s”/“Carl’s Junior” stop over at, you won't regret it.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I've decided...

My next review will be Hardee's right down the street from me. I expect good things from the place, as I have not had them in a while. Also, a friend told me to Grow your own gnome 
I have no idea what he meant by it.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Trying to decide

I can't think of where to review next, Hardees, Jacks, Jells, Red Robins, Logan's Roadhouse, 5 guys, all good but not sure where. Also feel free to look for me on the

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wing Zone

Stepping in to place the order, it feels like a wing joint like none other, greeted with a smile and a crew member who was very patent with me. I placed my order and was told that it would take about 8-10 minutes for the order to be made ready. With that you know it’s made to order and you have some time to kill. I recommend browsing the game store the next door over. It was a small wait but ultimately worth it.
A burger that is, ½ a pound of beef, add cheese (50 cents), and add bacon ($1.00), what do you get? A burger and a side wedge fries that costs $8.50 and is worth every penny. All Wing Zone burgers are roughly the size of a C.D. and come cooked well done, with a side of wedge fries, and another box containing all of your condiments (lettuce, tomato, onions, ketchup, mustard, and mayo).  After some small assembly the burger is complete and you are hooked for the first bite, the burger tastes amazing, with a near perfect meat to bun ratio and you can actually taste the meat compared to other fast food restaurants. The fries that come with the burger are wedge form and complement the burger very well and taste excellent with a small kick from the spices. 
            Fault wise, the burger has a fresh taste but doesn’t look the part; the patty has more of a pre-made look and doesn’t look like it was made with fresh ground beef. If you add the condiments expect a different taste as the lettuce and onion overpower the burger and leads to a different experience that can lead to disappointment, as it just seems the condiments would make for a better salad then burger topping.
            Overall the combination of the burger and fries leads to a tasty lunch or dinner that will leave you full, but at $7.00 a burger and extra for the toppings the burger is expensive and would serve better as a once every two weeks or so type of meal. If I have to give a rating, I’d give it 4 out of 5. Good but lacking in that missing piece to make it great.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Marco's Pizza

I was skeptical at first with this pizza place, their phone system was terrible, the kid taking my order sounded snooty, and I had ask him multiple times to speak up and slow down. I did get a good deal I ordered their "x-tra large" cheese + 2 toppings, plus cheesy bread and a 2-liter. for $16.99. I have to say it was the first time ordering food in this area that it actually came to my door hot. The good news was I could actually taste the bacon on a pizza for once, but I could not for the life of me taste the sauce or the pepperoni, the cheese tasted excellent, and it actually did that stretch thing that some pizzas do when you take a slice out.  It looked nice and had a good taste, but like most pizzas the left overs did not microwave well. The bacon on the pizza was memorable but that is about it, the crust to hard the lack of sauce and the kid answering the phone brought it down for me.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fairborn Dominoes

I guess I've been holding out on this, I've never quite been a fan of Dominoes but when they said they changed their recipe I figured I would give it a shot. I ordered up a medium pizza and some garlic bread, and some coke, it came to about $11 bucks and as per usual it would be about 30 minuets. So I sat down, watched a little TV, and figured I could eat this while I enjoy The Office. It came about 20 minuets latter, the delivery guy was nice and let me keep my coupon (its the small victories that count). I sat down and picked up two slices and some garlic bread, and notice that the bread came with a generous amount of Marinara Sauce (take that Pizza Hut).

     As I sat down and opened up a bottle of Coke. I took a bite, it wasn't hot, but it wasn't cold, and it was rather garlicky, the sauce was also spread a little thin in the center, and the pepperonis were rather disappointing. The bites I did get that were just cheese and sauce, well to say the least the sauce was fantastic, it just needs more of it next time.  Also, I would like to see less garlic on the crust, as the amount of garlic on the one I ordered was enough to slay about 5 or 6 vampires. I do have to say that this was the first time I've had a pizza that was improved by the microwave. All in all I may try them again, but if a second pizza comes like that, I guess I am a holdout again.